CF101 Eyelashes Alexa w glue

Would you like an irresistible look? With Christian Faye Fake eyelashes you can reach this easy!  

If you’ve been coveting the extraordinary fullness and length of celebrities lashes, falsies are for you.  

Fake lashes offer a gentle lift ideal to wear on practically any occasion, you’re sure to love these beautiful lashes. Each box contains one pair of lashes and glue. Achieving a fuller, thicker look is easy thanks to Christian Faye or Bransus Fake Eyelash assortment! Bransus fake eyelash assortment includes also flare type individual eyelashes come for long length. These individual lashes offer great flexibility when it comes to enhancing your natural eyelashes. The great thing about Bransus Flare Lashes is the fact they can be customised and tweaked to offer hundreds of different looks. From just a few clusters on the outer edge of your eye, through to a full complement of clusters, you won’t be disappointed with these amazing Bransus long lashes! Christian Faye and Bransus fake eyelashes are high quality, handmade lashes what will add colour to your eyes for a glam effect and give super full appearance. The  fake eyelashes are easy to apply and lightweight.  



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