CF91 Stencil set SPA

Choose your favourite eyebrow shape with Christian Faye Eyebrow stencils. refers to patterns, which people use to draw certain eyebrow shapes or designs during brow shaping. 

They are made from flexible plastics that are translucent. While using them, often the stencil   is placed on top your brows and the pattern you want is drawn using an eyebrow powder. After which you can also tweeze, wax, pluck or thread any eyebrow hairs that are not within the shape you wish. Furthermore, brow stencils are a perfect tool for people who find it difficult to shape eyebrows symmetrically. 

Brow stencils are very important since they can help in giving eyebrows the perfect shape you need and consequently a wonderful face frame. Eyebrow stencils are a great way of avoiding the troubles of having eyebrows that are poorly shaped or taking much time trying to figure how to shape your asymmetrical eyebrows. 



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