CF180 Dark Brown

Give extra life to your brows with Christian Faye easy-to-use Eyebrow DIP Pomade that glides onto skin and hair. Christian Faye Eyebrow DIP Pomade is a waterproof brow colour which sculpts and defines the brows. The innovative formula works as a brow primer and provides colour, sculpture, and shading! This creamy, multitasking product glides on skin and hair smoothly to create clean, defined brows. Eyebrow DIP Pomade can be used as a brow definer or eyeliner and provides luxurious colour and sculpture. 

Available in a selection of shades to suit all brow colours, Eyebrow DIP Pomade also primes the brows for brow powder application and leaves the brows looking perfectly groomed, defined and flawless. Must-have for oily skin and humid climates. 

Kit contains: Product Jar with Pomade  and double sided Brush              

How to apply 

  1. Dip brush in brow pomade, hold vertical at the beginning of the brow and swipe in a side motion out to the end to shape the brow 
  1. Hold the brush at 45 degree angle and fill-in the brow to the end, using light strokes 
  1. Hold brush horizontally and in longer strokes, shape and extend the brow into a fine point 
  1. Finish by brushing the spool through the hairs again to soften and blend the product. 

Product will become fixed in 60 seconds. 



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